common problem

1. MSI X1 electric vehicle speed can reach the number?

A: limited to 20KM / H, in strict accordance with national standards.

2. MSI X1 electric car endurance mileage is how much?

A: The lithium revolution, battery with Panasonic 2900 PF power batteries. City section battery is 36V-8.5AH, highest endurance 40 km, sporty 36V-11.4AH highest endurance 60 kilometers, specific mileage also depends on road conditions and the load.

3 MSI X1 electric car. Car needs a charge How much time?

A: Charging ambient temperature around 25-27︒C, need to charge 3-5 hours.
4. MSI X1 electric car quality certification it?
A: Our vehicle EMC certification by international standards, other electronic parts have separate 3C certification report.
5. MSI products X1 electric car insurance?
A: There are, PICC Chinese People's Insurance to join MSI for your escort! Because trust, so trust, product liability insurance by the Chinese People's Insurance underwriting $ 1 million yuan; as a result of product quality caused consumer injury can provide reparations.
6. convenient MSI X1 electric car repair it?
A: easy, the basic need of complex repair work, we all use the integrated vehicle parts, if failure can be directly replace them.
7. MSI X1 electric car models are more similar to what prominent advantage?
A: The motor power strong no noise, ergonomic structure ride comfort, large battery capacity, excellent performance, folded more convenient, fast.
8. MSI X1 electric car body waterproof it?
A: MSI X1 electric car waterproof design, crafted using waterproof materials to facilitate your health travel. We can live IPX4 waterproof vehicle level, general rain is no problem, you can not go to flood damage or punch.
9. How MSI X1 electric car on the stairs?
A: MSI new energy fashion smart scooter folding design, allowing you to get rid of the troubles down the stairs.
If there are elevator floor, direct access, because the body is small, if there is no elevator, can be directly lifted or folded lifted vehicle weight due to the earthquake only 18KG
10. Can MSI X1 electric car motor vehicle lane road or traveling?
A: We recommend running only in the non-motorized vehicles, due to non-motorized traffic law provisions can not be exercised in the vehicle lane
11. How MSI X1 electric car fails the process?
A: MSI new energy company has a sound service system, experience failure, etc., you can view the product description of the relevant information to solve problems, such as still not be resolved, please contact your local dealer or Burns Mai 400 free phone, allowing you more peace of mind
12. Burns Mayen Ismail X1 electric car need a license it?
Answer: No
13. MSI X1 electric car how to change people's way of life?
A: On a short trip to work, travel, leisure and entertainment the best choice of means of transport
14. MSI X1 electric car which can be applied to places?
A: MSI X1 electric vehicles used in urban traffic, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, convenient, convenient travel.
15. Driving MSI X1 electric car safe? You will not fall too fast?
A: The vehicle has to undergo a rigorous (over countries) power performance testing and strength testing, speed design in a national standard 20KM / H, there will be no completely hidden.
16. MSI X1 electric cars have a limited weight?
A: Yes, in strict accordance with international standards of design load of 120KG.
17. When I feel MSI X1 electric car after problems, how to deal with?
A: contact your local dealer or call the MSI MSI national toll-free telephone service 4001-66-165.
18. MSI X1 electric car factory serial number (chase Plastic yards) Where?
A: the upper frame tube below the two-dimensional code.
19. How to maintain and clean the MSI X1 electric car?
A: You can use a damp cloth to wipe or alcohol wipe, Perak beads lights and other surface wipe clean.
Internal circuit, the battery Do not use high-pressure wash gun.
20. can be used in different road conditions and different weather it?
A: Yes, but both can be used in deep puddles suggestions please do not travel, so the electric car motor soaked in water, and shorten the life of the motor is also not excessive.
High temperature hot sun exposure. Avoid battery life be affected should stop in the shade or the sun is not strong place
21. MSI X1 electric cars have no return business?
A: MSI has improved service to National Warranty shall prevail.
22. MSI X1 electric car received can open it?
A: To your local dealer to install the handlebar and seat, is very simple, when the product is shipped with related tools, fully self-install.
23. MSI whether X1 electric car tires inflated tire? I am free to cheer?
A: Yes, the pneumatic tire, completely self-encouragement, easy to replace.
24. MSI X1 electric car easy to learn? How to operate?
A: very good school, as long as you use a bike ride, then you can control the mind.
25. MSI X1 electric vehicle products, including what components?
A: Vehicle by air aluminum, electrical components and plastic parts.
26. MSI X1 electric car. There patented technology?
A: We have a string Fold invention patents, utility model patents, a number of patents and other worldwide patents.
27. MSI X1 electric car warranty how long?
A: The body lifetime warranty, other parts batteries, motors and other year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
28. can you return it?
Answer: three bags
29. MSI X1 electric car transport?
A: You can take the logistics / courier.
30. Why Chargers into electricity?
A: There may be a circuit disconnected, or bad, but the charger, please do not disassemble the bike, please contact your local dealer or MSI 400 free telephones.
Remote keyless entry 31. MSI X1 electric car will fail it?
A: Generally not, if out of order, there may be no electricity remote control key, change the battery try it. It is not, please contact your local dealer or MSI 400 free telephones.
32. Why after power motor does not work?
A: The general is a circuit failure, or motor failure, please do not disassemble the bike, please contact your local dealer or MSI 400 free telephones.
33. Why stop when you turn the motor?
A: Most likely the motor phase failure, or the controller output phase cable communication failure, please contact your local dealer or MSI 400 free telephones.

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