Double holidays, are you still stuck in the road?


Affected by the double linked, the city from September 25th to October 8th will appear hump type congestion trend. Among them, the first peak travel forecast will appear in the Mid Autumn Festival in September 25th, the second day of, eleven travel peak in September 30th.

The following is a forecast of the country's ten major cities in the city of traffic congestion:

The city can apply for the most happy city without a gun!

The next few days, will China advantage over population is the most incisive embodiment, are you ready?

这个时候,用“老子有车“这句话 照样约不到妹子!因为依然堵在二环上!

So, who is the crowds in small expert, who is liberated from the vast masses of traffic?

Of course, one second is portable folding, and new environmental protection intelligent electric vehicle -- ensimai X1 folding bicycle! The ensimai X1 travel helper, my mom doesn't have to worry about traffic jams!

When you are blocking the road, people are riding ensimai and MM X1 in pairs do not envy oh.


Pack up
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