Thinking of the Internet, ensimai folding electric quality talk


Recently the Internet thinking hot, even millet CEO Lei Jun is also known to thinking of using the Internet to cars, what is the thinking of the Internet? Said simply focus on the user experience, open the user driven product model. Referred to the "Internet thinking repairer", it is not open around ensimai this batch of Internet horse.

August 27, new Internet thinking repairer model Haines, Mai X1 folding bicycle in Suning public on-line to raise raise, with Suning to raise public o2o mode, make full use of Suning to raise public online participation, line 14 cities in Suning stores try riding experience advantage, provided in the hit off new stage is handsome first experience to innovation of fun for the user, until now to raise volume has exceeded 12.4 million. In Suning stores and extremely fruit trial experience, try to give the "Yan burst table values, simply out to the streets to earn back rate evaluation of artifact were obtained.

In addition, it traveled to the United States, to participate in the International Bicycle Exhibition in Las Vegas, many international friends in the exposition site and Enns Mai responsible person cordial exchanges, said the ensimai X1 foldable electric car cool appearance attracted and have a test ride photo.

What makes the experience be profuse in praise? Many consumers believe that, thanks to the superior quality ensimai X1 folding electric car test ride, I feel very good. Nsma said this, the only constant shaping the quality of the product, to maximize the user experience.

In this regard, the reporter interviewed the electric vehicle industry related to dealers, they say: ensimai X1 1s folding function, straight stamp of traditional electric cars carrying inconvenience pain points. Just set off the button, you can easily fold, save time and effort.

At the same time, ensimai products responsible person: shuttle in the city, long battery life, 60 km enough, ensimai X1 Japan Panasonic 2900PF power type electric core, providing 6 heavy stick "core" charging protection. Not only that, the smart Bluetooth APP is the user experience refinement. With navigation, vehicle and vehicle tracking, self power remind etc.. In addition, the 1 key authority, parking space sharing, 360 degrees smart anti-theft alarm, the interpretation of the future application of the Internet thinking in the direction of electric vehicles.

Thus, ensimai X1 folding electric car with its excellent quality, focus on the user experience first. Then, in the near future, ensimai whether to join the Internet thinking, jointly write a new chapter in the electric car industry? Let's wait and see!


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