MSI folding electric vehicle evaluation: high color values that matter Warlords


Ensimai X1 is a by Shenzhen Enns Maixin Energy Co., Ltd., independent research and development and production of intelligent folding bicycle, on August 27, login Suning public raised platform, and obtained the prominent raise public record.

Cut the crap, let us use the evaluation to speak, to chat with the ensimai X1 intelligent electric version of exactly how the strength.

Ensimai X1 editorial comment

Overall evaluation

The first sight ensimai X1, you will first be the shape of the appearance of stunning to X. Aviation aluminum alloy material, the level of automobile paint process, called the smart electric car in the yen value sent.
The second folding function, intelligent Bluetooth APP high degree of experience.
The deficiency is caused by the selection of accessories, ensimai X1 for its high cost, so the market price of money. But fortunately ensimai X1 Suning public raise still hot in, so want to start with a friend can consider, raised by the public below market price of more cost-effective.

High Yan value + 1 second folding = hard to earn back rate artifact

The experience of this evaluation ensimai X1 smart version, color is white.

Can be seen, ensimai X1 X modeling with the sense of science and technology, fashion cool. If you are lookist, then choose the ensimai X1.

It's original X model in addition to beautiful, there is an important feature, that is, a second folding. Just below a seat gently button, you can easily complete the folding.

After folding, it is like this......

Size, about 1 meters high, 2 cm wide. So carry, take the elevator, into the subway, and even into the car trunk, the female man said no pressure.

The principle of human body engineering, riding more comfortable

There may be careful consumers to ask, this car is so small? Riding on whether or not comfortable? Xiaobian began to have such a question, but the survey after the discovery, both the seat and pedals, details, are more in line with ergonomic principles. In addition, the seat cushion pipe according to user needs to adjust the height, which embodies the humanized design ensimai.

Before and after ensimai X1 dual suspension system, in a bumpy road, play a buffer role. It is worth mentioning that, this system is ensimai independent research and development company.

Independent research and development

Then, small ensimai X1 tires and brakes the brake by wire evaluation, use Taiwan Yanhao rear disc brake. The tire is the KENDA new type of highway inflatable tires, patterns, friction is strong, in preventing the wheel skid to do more in place.
According to official data, ensimai X1 brushless toothless motor using the German technology, no noise, the maximum of 95n - torque M, climbing angle for 15 degrees, in urban road travel is more suitable.

Come to talk about speed, ensimai X1 highest speed is 20km / h, in the city road, to avoid the because the speed is too fast and be classified as the scope of motor vehicle management, reduce the licenses and other unnecessary trouble. After all, safety is the first, the second is the speed. (tear away, pull back...)
In general, in order to test the ensimai X1 endurance, small riding time longer, but also did not feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to life, this use of Japan Panasonic 2900PF power type electric core ensimai X1 intelligent edition, endurance is good, a full of electricity can ride 60km. Although in the electric car industry is not color, although for the direction of the main city riding, urban 40km, smart edition 60km also enough.

Smart Bluetooth APP security more secure

Because the evaluation of ensimai X1 intelligent version, with intelligent Bluetooth anti-theft function. So small make up here to review the next. Just download the mobile phone ensimai APP, can achieve a variety of intelligent experience.
If you are worried and small, forgot to lock the car obsessive-compulsive disorder, can try ensimai APP. Small pro test, APP can be achieved by the mobile phone close to the automatic unlock, leaving the automatic lock function. In addition, you can also be a key to start, smart car, and even remote control oh.


Although ensimai X1 second folding function conveniently pushed, but sometimes, such as Xiaobian encountered in thirsty on the way to go to the supermarket to buy water such a trifle, and small size electric cars will be stolen about... Readily open ensimai APP, once encountered illegal move at the time, APP will immediately notify......
If you are still worried ensimai X1 will be stolen, as such, it promote the work place.

Electric vehicle failure can also be tested by APP.

Moreover, the APP has the authorization function, may authorize to other mobile phone use.

According to the story, ensimai X1 smart version will have to fine tune in APP, in order to improve the user experience.


In general, ensimai X1 definitely belongs to intelligent electric car industry Yan value style, second folding function and let the value and the strength to send the balance can be balanced, and is still relatively rare in Gao Yan.
Currently ensimai X1 is Suning to raise the public, has far exceeded the public to raise the target amount of 5000000 mark. 14080000 for small time. Need to pay attention to, ensimai combined with Suning raise public line of o2o experience and solid products for the market, consumers can go to the line experience points to test ride and consulting.
The distance Maizhong Enns raise the end of 20 days, like a friend may wish to go to have a look.

Nsma smart electric car

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Sweep, immediately into the Su Ning congregation!

Note: the start date for the beginning of the public in August 27th
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