The times create ensimai, traveling light into the thousands of life!


As a contemporary person, you want to go out, what is the most let you have a headache?

All sorts of reasons may give up the intention to go out, a pleasant trip to the people who have not been so easy. Want to live in the light of life, in the city seems to have not achieved the congestion.
The times produce their heroes, lead the future of science and technology, in more and more closer to the era of smart today, a group of people want to rely on the power of science and technology to change the situation, their insight into consumer psychology, well versed with the essence of the concept of "," light of life, the seer will focus on portable intelligent electric vehicle, with scientific attitude and the people to solve problem of the travel and ensimai X1 folding electric vehicle in the much anticipated was born.
Ensimai X1 folding electric car to meet the requirements of almost all electric vehicles:

It's light,Vehicle weight is not more than 18KG;

It is portable,Folding takes only 1 seconds, folding buttons without effort;

Its long life,Life 60 kilometers, Japan's Panasonic 2900PF power core, to provide 6 heavy stick core charge protection;

It intelligence,Equipped with intelligent Bluetooth APP, with the condition, and self power remind vehicle tracking and other functions. In addition, the 1 key authority, parking spaces, 360 degree smart anti-theft alarm, etc..

It is environmentally friendly,No emissions, will not cause any pollution to air.

For electric cars, there is what is required?
During the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the first time to develop the Internet action plan, proposed to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other modern manufacturing industry, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce, Internet and Internet banking, and guide Internet companies to expand the international market, the grand blueprint. As a many years focused on manufacturing in the field of creative team Haines, Mai in manufacturing field can be described as experienced, originality, and mastered the core manufacturing technology, to the Internet to enter the it may be said is imperative.
So ensimai X1 folding bicycle in Suning public on-line to raise raise, with Suning to raise public o2o mode, make full use of Suning to raise public online participation, line 14 cities in Suning stores try riding experience advantage, provided in the hit off new stage is handsome first experience to innovation of fun for the user, until now to raise volume has exceeded more than 1240 million.

This is making the Internet field and new thinking and the combination of a successful experience and ways to use the Internet to make more people quickly learn ensimai X1 folding bicycle, to understand a trip comfortable means of transport, the rapid spread of is not only ensimai X1 foldable electric car, is a traveling light of life philosophy of fashion. Look forward to ensimai X1 folding electric successfully into the thousands, the accompanying light idea to bring thousands of family life!


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