In modern society, the rapid development of the economy, the traffic problems become more and more serious, driving up and down, crowded subway, bus slow, walking dirty, tired.
Clean and fast small power electric vehicles to the city's leading role in the city, all kinds of electric cars every day shuttle in the streets and alleys of the city. According to statistics, in 2010 China's electric bicycle has reached 120000000, and the rate of 30% per year. From the point of view of energy consumption, electric bicycle is only 1/8 of the car, the car's 1/12. From the possession of space, the space of an electric bicycle is only 1/20 of the average private car, and has become a very effective tool for energy saving.

However, the existing electric vehicles, they are complex, bulky, charging inconvenience, far unable to meet people's pursuit of fashion and technology, we need a new concept of electric vehicles to break the existing pattern, it is portable, durable, exquisite, fashion, and intelligent, almost all our imagination to meet the electric car!

It is ensimai intelligent electric vehicle! Using the world's leading technology, combined with the team's innovative thinking, create a new smart environmentally friendly products, will be portable, stylish, intelligent three big ideas in the product, and strive to bring each user a new and convenient life experience. This work fine, product lines smooth, scientific and technological sense and fashionable element full of new smart environmental protection small helper, the real improvement of people's quality of life.

As a portable intelligent transportation leader, ensimai truly by Chinese manufacturing to China made. On the road in the future, ensimai will continue to innovate, leading the trend of new fashion!

Ensimai, because dream sail, by wisdom and!

Pack up
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