Shenzhen New Energy Co. MSI formerly Shenzhen Aner Tai Metal Products Co., MSI focused on manufacturing, is more than well-known outdoor sports brand products foundries. After years of development, the company has a good study achievements, strong technology, advanced concepts elite team. Rich in development, manufacturing experience, based on the company's product quality has reached international measurement standards, customers receive praise.

       Traditional products in order to inject new elements more and more science and technology, keeping pace with the era of intelligent, better improve lifestyle of modern humans, then the strategic transformation of the company, set up the Shenzhen MSI New Energy Co., focusing on innovation and development of new energy products. The company determined to walk in front of the times, the combination of team strength, digging soul of innovation, the Pratt & Whitney ten million new energy products. Companies from the field of intelligent means of transport began, a global leader in technology, combined with the team's innovative thinking and create new smart green products, will be portable, stylish, intelligent perfusion in the product among the three concepts, and strive to give each user a new and convenient life experience.

      Shenzhen New Energy Co., MSI is committed to become the new energy product developer and manufacturer of world-class level, with the quality to lead the industry in the future will concentrate, focus, professional products and services to more users.
      MSI, with you!


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