Ensimai folding electric: two national patents is expected to revitalize the intelligent electric vehicle industry


Recently, a "dark horse electric vehicle ensimai X1" triggered a media buzz. Follow the hot, and look at the small series will eye alignment "ensimai X1" behind the patent and the team, and you say a lot of "ensimai X1" reincarnation.


It is understood that, as "ensimai X1" producer, Shenzhen ensimai Energy Limited company is industry big technical school. As early as in 2014, their applications for two and X1 folding bicycle related national patent had been professional accreditation and authorization which ensimai X1 after the company independently developed the before and after double damping system won the national utility model patent certificate, ensimai X1 X type cool outside view also won the national level appearance design patent.

In addition, uphold the of electric vehicle manufacturing ingenuity, the pursuit of July 2015, Shenzhen Enns Mai Energy Co., Ltd. for ensimai X1 foldable electric car in different parts, again is the second fold system invention patents and in view of the different parts of the vehicle two utility model patent, the patent has declared national patent. At the same time, ensimai also actively expand foreign patent application, has to the European union and the United States issued a body before and after the double damping system of the patent for utility model and the models of "X" type of an application for a patent for design.

With the smart car, ensimai set the Thames a great coup

As is well known, the domestic smart folding electric car started late, but with the promotion of environmental protection awareness, as a focus on the emerging industries with low carbon environmental protection vehicles, is now in its own spring. While in the firm, Shenzhen ensimai Energy Limited also to their career start.

Years ago, Haines, Mai Energy Co., Ltd. has already focus on manufacturing field, and worked on a number of well-known outdoor sports brand to provide product development and production, technical strength can be described as quite strong. In recent years, ensimai is the accumulation of technology used in the field of intelligent transportation, not only actively adopt global leading technology, also strive to tap the team's innovative thinking, strive to create the industry the new intelligent environment-friendly products. And as the electric field in the launch of the ingenuity, "ensimai X1" will be more portable, stylish, intelligent three concepts of integration, the launch party, a popular industry praise.

To enter the world, X1 force to revitalize the task

People say, thousand washes the percolation was hard, Chuijin until the beginning of the gold. Nsma to pay the same for their own companies and the Chinese electric car industry has brought another new world. Won high praise at home at the same time, ensimai also went to America, participated in the American Las Vegas International bicycle exhibition. Many international friends are ensimai X1 attracted in the exhibition site, and ensimai responsible person carried out friendly exchanges. As a representative of cutting-edge China electric vehicle industry, ensimai with their hard and outstanding efforts to win the approval of the world.

But in ensimai view, exploration of intelligent electric vehicle not only never stop, it is a long way. Although the present, ensimai X1 in Suning public raise formally published, and show the impressive ability suction gold, just 2 days that exceeded the target amount of 500 million, according to Xiao Bian deadline has exceeded 14.58 million. But these for ensimai for just a, for the future, ensimai road of entrepreneurship is difficult and long, also hope to get more support.


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